Customizing the Landing Page URLs of your SuperSite 2

Big Splash LLC provides an option to customize URLs for the landing pages on SuperSite 2 . This allows the Resellers to use short URLs and helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Customizing URLs for the Landing Pages on SuperSite 2

  • You need to replace the Default URLs with the Custom URLs in the Header and Footer files, to ensure that the search engines index your Custom URLs. See details

  • If you have enabled multiple Languages for your SuperSite 2, you need to update the Header and Footer files as above for each Language.

  • The Default URLs will continue to work and will be redirected to the Custom URLs. This is handled using a 301 redirect.

  • The Custom URLs will be automatically applied to any additional domain name that you may have set as your Branded SuperSite 2 URL.

  • Custom URLs cannot be set for the below links under the Domains section:

    • Bulk Domain Registration and Bulk Domain Transfer - These links require a login, before they are redirected to the landing pages. Hence, the SEO benefit is minimal.

    • IDN Domain Registration - This link does not have a dedicated page associated with it.

  1. Login to your SuperSite 2 Admin Area. See details

  2. In the Menu, click the Settings link.

  3. Under Customize URLs, click the Modify URLs button.

  4. Click the Language for which you wish to set Custom URLs.


    All Languages for which you have enabled your SuperSite 2 would be listed here. You can set Custom URLs for each Language.

  5. Here, the SuperSite 2 landing pages specific to that Language will be listed, alongwith their Default URLs. Specify your Custom URL in the New URL field for each landing page.

    You may choose to include the relevant Language Code in all the Custom URLs by selecting the Add Language Code before all URLs option.

    Example: Assume that you wish to set your Custom URL for the Domain Pricing page for English Language as domain-pricing. Enabling the Language Code option will set the Custom URL in this case as en/domain-pricing. Similarly, all other Custom URLs set by you for English language will be prefixed with en.

  6. Click the Save Changes button.